Do you see crooked, stained, or even missing teeth when you look in the mirror? Don't settle for a smile you hide when you can get one you love! Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Witer, is here to brighten, straighten, and restore your smile using the latest dental technologies.

If you are looking for the top practice for cosmetic dentistry in Washington Township, Romeo, and beyond, Witer Family Dentistry is the choice for you!

We currently offer the following cosmetic services:

Teeth Whitening

cosmetic dentistryOur Washington Township cosmetic dentist offers two different professional teeth whitening systems - KöR and Venus White Pro. KöR is an ultra-powerful take-home system that can whiten your teeth up to 16 shades! Venus White Pro is designed for sensitive teeth and comes in three different formulations for customized treatment that fits your needs and goals.

Professional teeth whitening has never been so effective - or convenient!

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers, also known as "instant orthodontics" are ultra-durable, luminous front tooth coverings designed to address the following cosmetic concerns:

  • Crooked Teeth
  • Chipped, Cracked, Or Broken Teeth
  • Gaps Between Teeth
  • Stained And Discolored Teeth

Veneers can be placed on one tooth or each of your front-facing teeth. With the right care, your porcelain veneers can last decades!

Dental Bonding

If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to veneers, dental bonding could be the solution for you! Dental bonding is generally used to cover chips or breaks on a single front tooth or multiple teeth. Though bonding is not a long-lasting solution, like teeth veneers, it will cover cracks, chips, breaks, and imperfections quickly and at an affordable price.

Dental Implants

If you've lost one tooth - or your full set of teeth - dental implants could be the permanent solution to your tooth loss! Dental implants are placed below the gum line, standing in for your natural tooth roots. They are then covered with luminous dental crowns that can be shaped and shaded to complement your features.

The best part? With adequate care, your dental implants should last for life!

We offer the following dental implant systems at our Washington Township dental office:

  • Single Dental Implants
  • Hybrid Dental Implants
  • Overdentures
  • Implant-Retained Dentures


For the past two decades, cosmetic dentists have been using the Invisalign® system to correct crooked smiles and misaligned bites. Invisalign patients straighten their teeth using crystal-clear aligners that can be removed for uninterrupted mealtimes and easy brushing and flossing. Most Invisalign patients get straighter smiles in just 12 to 18 months!

Questions About Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services?

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