Root Canal Treatment In Washington Township, MI

Witer Family Dentistry proudly offers the very best root canal treatments near Washington Township, Romeo, and beyond! Our root canal dentist, Dr. Witer, utilizes the latest dental tools and technologies to provide an experience that's efficient and, most importantly, comfortable!

Our Washington Township dentist office is equipped all of the amenities you need to make your treatment a simple one. Watch your favorite Netflix show in the dentist's chair or relax with a hot cup of coffee in our waiting area. Our staff is here to make your process a calm and stress-free one!

Why You May Need A Root Canal

If Dr. Witer discovers that your tooth's pulp is infected or has developed an abscess, he may recommend gentle root canal therapy to help save the tooth.

To do this, he uses precision dental tools to remove the pulp and/or nerve. He will then completely clean and medicate the chamber before filling it. Most root canal treatments require the use of a dental crown to seal and protect the affected tooth.

When Dr. Witer recommends this procedure, he is putting the health of his patients first. If a tooth is left untreated, the infection could spread, creating dangerous decay which can affect your total body health!

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost?

Total root canal cost, particularly out-of-pocket costs, can vary from patient to patient and depends mostly on dental insurance plans. If you need a root canal but don't have dental insurance, consider joining our in-house dental membership program, a plan that gives you all of the preventive care you need - and even a discount on root canal treatment - for one low monthly fee!

Need extra help affording your root canal? Our team will help you get set up with a low or no-interest financing plan through LendingClub. Whatever your situation, Witer Family Dentistry is committed to making the entire treatment process as simple as possible - from start to finish!

Gentle Root Canal Therapy In Washington Township!

Do you need a root canal? Don't fret - our gentle dental team is here for you. Call Witer Family Dentistry today to schedule your appointment.

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