Are you struggling with the damaging effects of tooth loss? Our local dental office proudly crafts the very best dentures in Washington Township, Romeo, and beyond! Each pair of removable dentures is custom designed by Dr. Witer and made just for your unique smile!

What Are Removable Dentures?

denturesRemovable dentures, also known as fake teeth or false teeth, are designed to look and function just like your natural teeth. Our dentures dentist, Dr. Witer, offers the following dentures systems:

Full Dentures (Complete Dentures)

If you have lost all of your natural teeth, or if you are currently facing numerous extractions, full dentures could be the tooth replacement solution for you! Full dentures are designed to seal against the contour of your jaw for a comfortable, long-lasting fit that lasts all day!

Partial Dentures

Dr. Witer generally recommends partial dentures to patients who are missing several of their natural teeth. Like complete dentures, partial dentures are crafted to fit your mouth perfectly. They are also custom-shaded and shaped to complement your appearance!

Flippers (Immediate Dentures)

Flippers, otherwise known as immediate dentures or temporary dentures, are appliances designed to stand in for a permanent set of dentures during an extraction process. Dr. Witer typically fabricates flippers for patients who need a set of a replacement teeth right away. They can be made as full or partial dentures and are usually ready the very same day as your initial appointment!

Implant-Supported Dentures

If you are concerned about the fit of your dentures, implant-supported dentures could be for you! Unlike removable partial and full dentures, implant-supported dentures are reinforced with dental implants. The implants are placed in order to bolster stability and prevent slipping and sliding!

Smart Denture Care Tips

Similar to your natural teeth, dentures require a daily hygiene plan to remain healthy and effective.

For removable full and partial dentures, as well as implant-supported dentures, we recommend following these care practices:

  • Remove and rinse after eating
  • Rinse and clean your mouth before placing your dentures back in
  • Brush and soak your dentures with dentures cleanser each night

If you ever experience discomfort, or if you notice your dentures slipping out of place throughout the day, Dr. Witer is always here to help make adjustments!

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